Sunday, April 14, 2013

Awesome like a Possum! Putting on the Ritz!...and all that Jazz!


That's me. LOL.

But! This is your lucky day! Finally updating my current events around the CWS Fashion District, for you all to see!

First things first...I am sure all of the other posts exude my usual excitement for modeling, and the fashion world...[inserts "shriek", "scream", "gasp" "WOW" here :-)] but this post is going to be a bit of an add-on...a recap of the week in styling.

The past month or so has been exceptionally fast-paced for this chick's sLife. Had to photoshop a few things right out of it!...not being able to participate as vigorously as I'd have liked, due to time and graphical errors, was getting to be quite the nerve-wracking experience for a model-turned-fashion-addict like me.

Finally!!!! Yes. Just this week...the "MAC attack" is back! That being iMac is back in tiptop shape and ready to wreak some serious havoc on the preservation of my sLife as it is known.

...and without further ado....


This week has been the best week in a long, very long time...for my virtual best friend Dani, and I. We have shared ups and downs...and all around disappointment on more levels than imaginable...but on the's like a sudden escape to paradise!

Participating in styling shows...whether actually walking in them, or just in the crowd watching...supporting a love of mine. Now, if I "am" going to walk in one...I like to be prepared. Don't get me wrong now...procrastination is my specialty...but even for me, preparation doesn't just include grabbing a complete outfit off of the marketplace...there are specific elements considered somewhat carefully each time.

When you feel that you have gained any bit of invaluable information, you should always set it forth as a part of you complete package...your repertoire.

That's what I do.

OK. Here's the quick breakdown.

Make sure you include all the basic details important to you and your knowledge of may want to take a second look at some of these.

[absolute last thing to consider...hahaha]
-YES...important...BUT how will that pose work with your outfit?...How will it work with your walk?
Does that pose relate to the theme of your style in any way? Does it draw attention to the prop you may be simultaneously trying to display?

There are a "ton" of pose stores, and when a creator takes the time to pack up a set and send it off to clearance...even if you don't know what's inside, take advantage! All poses are useful at some time or another]...excluding ones that jerk, of course...but in all honesty...I should tell you a secret...I've "even" found a way around those!

-When choosing an outfit in regards to a specific theme, what do YOU look for?
Do you try to tell a story with it? Do you try to "give" the audience a flashback to the specified era?
Do you just layer in accordance to your own style?...There are a ton of questions to ask yourself when choosing an outfit...sometimes you will buy more than one and never use a single one of them, because you found the perfect one, last minute. The important thing here is that you "feel" right in the outfit. Just be sure to wear the outfit you choose while picking your poses, for the best outcome.

Choosing the outfit that says "THAT'S MINE" is always the way to go. Doesn't really matter if you win. The experience, and the joy of strutting the catwalk with the confidence that your ensemble choice gives, is what lingers long after the night's end...well, that and if your shoes made, or broke the outfit LOL. [yes, yes, jewelry also :)]

[known to a model as "Huddles" as I'm known to say].
-Always best to go over and over the poses you them...even when you are sure you're done and ready. Do it again! You may find that you have a pose that works even better, or slap yourself because one didn't work at all. It happens to me every time, and while I can't speak for everyone, I'd rather have that happen "off" the runway.

PROPS! [and as I've seen lately...Particles!]
You can always add an item that your pose can set specific imagery toward. Here are two examples.

Awhile ago I received second place in a styling show for the "Sexy House Maid" theme...notice the duster!

That duster...well it may not have looked like it but my poses that night on the runway were "duster-possible" Just. Oh my God I had that duster all up in the air, side-to-side, front-to-back. Work those props people!

Here's a more recent photo [taken by the lovely CWS model, Ms. Becky Kenaan] from the styling show that this post is actually about. Check out that cane! Addition of that prop, and a few other subtle pieces, changed the "Burlesque" theory, to
a more classic, upscale feel from the 1930s...than that of only a nightclub showgirl...

OK. FEELING LIKE IT'S TIME TO GET TO THE PUNCH LINE OF THIS POST, so look out for more "to-do tidbits" that will probably be edited in later.

 BRING A FRIEND!!! [ as in heck yeah I totally got Danielle to catwalk with me for a day!]
Theme: Putting on the Ritz with Hollywood Glitz!...which explains the outfit choice you see in the above pic. I would show you what we...ok "I" picked at first...but you would thank me for wearing this instead.

So we spent the two preceding days before the show, to get together on the syncing of our walk, choosing an outfit, editing primitive objects perfectly, deciding if we needed a prop, checking makeup and re-checking poses. Time absolutely did fly away.

Friday, March 12, 2013
CWS Styling Show
[theme stated above]

The first four photos below are credited to/ contributed by the very well-done photography skills of Ms. Becky Kenaan [click here to be redirected to her blog]

Boogiie Gossipgirl                                                                                   Danielle Mannequin

Now for the exciting...and yes, for us..."unbelievable" part...

drum roll please...


[inserts my excited scream hehehe]

That night was my first time ever receiving first place in a styling show, and I got to share it with the one person who is with me at nearly all times in my sLife!...Could it have been any better? I can't imagine...and wow was the scoring close.

 Here's a few pictures from the show!

Top Left and Top Right of pic below: Group...
Bottom Left and Bottom Right of pic above: During our walk.

Yes this is what moving and snapping pics comes out looking like.

Photo of the evening with our trophy, given to me by Ms. Vicky Yongbo.